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Flames of War is a miniature wargaming usually in 15mm scale. Battlefront are the main produces of the game and the whole range can be bought via Alan at Questing Knight Games - 01952 417747.


The rules system for FOW is in a stage of upgrade to Version 4. They have started with Mid War WW2 in the desert. A large war expansion has been done which enables people to play Version 4 with late war Armies of USSR USA British and German.

One of the latest editions to come from Battlefront covers the Vietnam war.

There are also older ranges covering Great War and Arab - Israel War in the Mid 60's and early 70's.

Mentioned on other parts of our site we have more on the very successful Battlefront Range of Team Yankee covering the possible outbreak of war in Cold War in 1980's. Forces currently include US British West Germany Soviet and East German.

 Battlefronts other main game is Tanks which is a quick very enjoyable WW2 game involving US British German and Russian Tanks. New to the game shortly will be the Italians.