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Tanks is a Battlefront game using 15mm scale WW2 Tanks. The starter box has all rules markers etc to play plus 3 tanks. 2 are US Shermans and have enough parts to make a 76mm turret and 75mm one so can be swopped over. The 3 model can be made as either a Panther or Jagpanther. Other tanks in range are all same price at £7.00 each so very good value along side the starter box at £18.00. If like game just speak to Jeff on a friday night.       

 Tanks League:
Jeff Holloway
James Spicer
Jack Larsen
Roger Larsen...
Mark Pritchard
Mark Coombes
Stephen Hughes

First game and Jack Larsen won killing 5 tanks and James Spicer lost killing 3 tanks therefore Jack has 11 points and James has 5 points.